AV Stumpfl Unveils System for Large Projection Screens, Updated PIXERA Software

AV Stumpfl released the new AT64-SHIFT system for large mobile projection screens and the new PIXERA media server software version 1.2 this week.

With the AT64-SHIFT, it’s possible to assemble a sizeable mobile projection screen in minutes. One can also adjust its height in a matter of seconds. No extra measuring is needed to ensure that the frame is level due to a marked height scale. Based on the same principles as the T32-SHIFT, the AT64-SHIFT projection screen legs can be used for much larger mobile projection screens and are compatible with all mobile AV Stumpfl screen systems.

Here’s a demo of the AT64-SHIFT from ISE 2020:

PIXERA itself is a 64-bit system for real-time media processing, compositing and management, built around the key theme of usability. One particular feature that is bound to impress media server specialists all over the world is PIXERA’s new live preview editing capability. This powerful feature lets users edit timelines in the preview window while the output shows content from a different section of the timeline. This allows changes to running shows to be previewed by the operator and then blended into the output on the fly. PIXERA version 1.2 also includes the ability to export videos from the workspace, either containing the entire venue or the content of a specific screen.

A new set of pixel patching tools has also been seamlessly integrated into the UI. They allow users to reposition content pixels on the output as needed, making it possible to drive a wide variety of LED processor configurations from PIXERA.

More information about the AT64-SHIFT is here. Information about the PIXERA software version 1.2 is here. 

See a video we shot about AVStumpfl PIXERA here: