AV Stumpfl Announces Wings Platinum 4.20

avstumpfl-0710AV Stumpfl has released an update to version 4.20 for its multimedia software Wings Platinum. In addition to various detail improvements, the software includes a new title generator that not only provides for high-quality text, but also offers a wide variety of extensive formatting options and useful effects.

With the update, virtually all fonts installed on the computer can be used at excellent display quality in any size. Text formatting is object-oriented, i.e., the text objects can simply be dropped into a picture track. Separate text tracks are no longer necessary. Since the fonts can be embedded in the EXE presentation, the show can be run on any other computers without problems, and the fonts don’t have to be reinstalled there.

The text can also be provided with a 3D-contour and with transparent, soft and hard shadows. In addition to this, different colors and effects can be applied both to font fill and the optional border. About twenty presets are supplied and can be applied with just one mouse-click. Users can also modify these preset effects and adjust them to their own requirements or even create new presets. Text effects can also be combined with other effects Wings Platinum has in store for images and videos. Very special titles may have an arc applied to them – a feature that already available with a Basic License or higher. Any other text effects require the Advanced License or higher.

For Wings Platinum 4 users, the update is free and available for download on the website here: http://www.avstumpfl.com/en/service/downloads/software/wings_platinum_4

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I’ve been very impressed with Wings in the demos I’ve seen done, although haven’t had any personal excuse to use it in show production since I’m personally a Mac-based life form. But its combination of production, playback and control make it an incredibly versatile tool for a dedicated shop, and I’m anxious to see this latest iteration.