AV Rental Industry Has Its Own Event App Now

Booster Technology Solutions has announced the launch of Event Boosterapp, an innovative SaaS event organization platform for the proAV rental industry that facilitates entertaining and profitable networking for participants. With Event Boosterapp, visitors to fairs and congresses can contact each other and exhibitors, save products and expand information on speakers and experts, while at the same time providing organizers with new advertising and promotional spaces to generate income and opportunities to boost loyalty.

The app can be used to register and manage attendants, speakers and exhibitors. In addition, multiple users can have various access levels to information, from the highest level with notifications and access to sensitive data, to a number of lower and intermediary levels, including printing ID cards with their associated QR codes.

Push notifications and emailings can be customized and segmented by interest groups. On the other hand, it gives exhibitors a specific register system to view and manage their data, QR codes and contacts for potential clients. Thanks to the data provided by the app, the exhibitor can get reliable feedback on the results of its booth and its sales reps at an event.

Unlike a simple informative app, Event Boosterapp allows you to “apptualize” an event in minutes. As well as including detailed information on the agenda, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, advertising/banners and networking opportunities, it can also capture leads or register voluntary data from attendants in real time and with the possibility of exporting them to an external database.

Exhibitors can thus obtain a return on investment thanks to capturing leads and sales contacts through the QR codes and the user-friendly networking system that encourages attendants to add and share contacts, with the possibility of creating private chats. The app also allows visitors to an event to save “my favorites,” with speakers, themes on the agenda and products of interest. Other added advantages of the app are the gamification options to stimulate involvement in events and anonymous live voting systems.

Event Boosterapp is also customizable, with the possibility of using a generic screen for all events or configuring it especially for multiple or single events. Companies and large organizations can also contract an Enterprise license for exclusive use on their own servers.