AV Power Up! – Episode Three: Who Do We Think We Are?

Power-Up-rAVe-Category2OK, we’re confused. It seems that there’s some sort of identity crisis going on here and we’re left to wonder if we’ve developed amnesia or have become Cybil herself. We may have all just awoken in Area 51. Be careful, aliens are totally unpredictable, just sayin’…

Join the Power Crew(?) Host Christa Bender (@AVChrista), Corey Moss (@Cbmoss), Chuck Espinoza (@madsoundguy) and Johnny Mota (@JMOTA3) as they welcome:

  • Rich (Steve, Franco) Prevete – dat AV Guy from Brooklyn
  • Steve Craig and Bailey LaBrie from DITM (and Cookie!)
  • Marika from Tier PM

(Stacy and Hope were given the day off for a sanity check)

In this episode, we get on Rich (who Corey calls Steve) for his past life where he wore shorts and delivered the goods — no, not those goods. He’s a relative newcomer to the AV industry and shows it by telling us all about his CTS shortcomings and wias (that’s wy-ahs). Chuck suggests he go back and take the test again — actually he threatens to drive to PA to “help” Rich get through it. Of course when beers are mentioned, it’s instant bonding and we may be convinced to get someone in the industry to take the test with a Rich mask on. Or maybe not (study up, Rich!).

In Chuck’s “All About the Sound,” Bailey and Steve come back for more and we get a look inside their studio as they prepare to work on their new album. Thankfully their drummer finally decided to leave the hospital after spending quality time with the nurses and receptionists. He says he really had his appendix out but we know better — remember, drummer.

Christa “Delivers the News” on this one and Corey does his “Converge This” segment talking about the new Crestron RL 2. Chuck throws in a Tech Power Up and Johnny of course comes with Stuff and Things, but this time it’s a public service announcement that’s in conjunction with Dolby Labs — please give it a listen. Marika from Tier PM reads the hot jobs with Corey — does she make it through? Listen in and find out, we believe she reported to work the day after fairly unscathed.

So if you want to check out the show please do, and we’ll be replaying it three times a day every day until the next show. And you thought trailers were annoying…

Power Up!