AV Power Up! – Episode 5: 4K? HDBaseT? You Takin’ Notes?

Power-Up-rAVe-Category2On this show, we go all out on two of the favorite (and most debated) topics in the AV industry today. While we picked true experts to talk the talk, the new guy sat back and took it all in. Well, at least being on the show gives you RUs – or actually what Rich is getting for being on the show may just cause him to study harder. Ahh, don’t worry about it Rich, Minnesota awaits!

Join host Christa (@AVChrista) Bender, Corey (@Cbmoss) Moss, Chuck (@madsoundguy) Espinoza, Stacy (@Vaddio_Stacy) Kringlen, Hope (@BeerAndPie) Roth, Johnny (@JMOTA3) Mota and dat new guy Rich (@RichPrevete) Prevete as they welcome:

(Note: we were hoping to have John Greene on the show, unfortunately he couldn’t make it and Leonard stepped in to take his place. Thanks, Leonard and Poppy — we’ll get you next time).

On this episode Malissa and Leonard do the 4K two-step and after all is said and done, do we really know what it’s all about? Let’s just say we now have two new types of display resolutions – 4K and URNot4K. There ya go Gary, rant on that.

Corey brings his “Converge This” segment with some information from the HDBaseT Alliance, as well as an article on HDBaseT written in another language. Wait till you hear him attempt to read the title in the language it was written in and — to his credit — umpires, weatherman and baristas fail just a bit more often (the actual translation is “HDBaseT: a checklist for the design and implementation”).

Hope goes “Sipping from the Trunk” as she talks about the 12th annual AV industry programmer’s Geekfest — Crestron Masters 2015 (Hope’s words, not ours). She coined a phrase at the event (or should we say, shouted it all over the place) that Kramer will be first to market with. Work out royalties before you officially hand it over: Hope, we’re ready to represent you.

We had some side talk concerning quality and customer needs and Chuck drives the Power Up with discussion based on the same. Whatever it was that Chuck did during the show, don’t try it at home – he’s a professional. Johnny stuffs things talking about Auro-3D, an immersive 3D audio format and just be careful you don’t choose “Voice of God” mode, don’t do it.

OK, so while our guests didn’t go mano a mano regarding 4K and HDBaseT, at least we didn’t have to bear the expense of hiring a referee. With all of the beers that Chuck drinks on the show, no more money in the budget. Let’s just make believe we got this:


Power Up!

Note: Rich Prevete co-produced this episode (we had to give him something to do).