AV Power Up! – Episode 39: MTV’s “Founders” Generation – Are We Ready For Them?

AVPowerUp_750x400Welcome to the show and join the Crew: Corey CB Moss, Johnny (Stuff n’ Things) Mota, Katye McGregor Bennett, Stacy Kringlen and our guest co-Crew member Mike Shinn as they welcome their guests:phpYDT16cAM

Hailey KleinDirector of Marketing and Communications at Professional Systems Network International (PSNI)

php31TNrtAMVictoria Barela – Intern at ZDI (soon to be an employee!)

On this special extended episode we take on discussion of the next generation – known as Generation Z (we’ve run out of letters!). While Generation Y was given the name Millennials, which we believe they are ready to give back, Gen Z was able to actually vote on their moniker. MTV polled a focus group of more than 1,000 13- and 14-year-olds who chose the name “Founders”, saying it reflects their place in a rapidly evolving world. 

We broke this show down into three topic segments: technology, education and marketing and social media.

Hailey Klein known (and loved) by all in the #AVTweeps environment as an expert in marketing and social media joins us on this one to talk about the targeted topics giving excellent insight to all, especially that final topic of discussion. Did she bring Tippy Dugan? Umm, hope so (and even a surprise visitor?). 

Victoria Barela, one of SCN’s “The Nine” of 2015 and a former student of Jeremy Caldera’s at Columbia College, talks on this one from the perspective of Generation Z, as she had just recently graduated from college and directly entered the AV industry. Some great discussion brought by Victoria to this one as she talked from the Millennial perspective as well.

Mike Shinn of IMS Technology, as our guest Crew member (practice the intro Mike!), also brings great insights to the outlined topics along with discussion of the NSCA Education Foundation’s new Ignite program, created to reach out to high school students. He is one of the committee members along with Kelly Perkins of AVI Systems and Laurie Englert of Milestone AV Technologies. This is must-listen discussion.

About that AVTweeps hashtag, there is some great talk focused to it, and as for the Crew – well, let’s just say the show isn’t the show without them. And Johnny, looks like on this one robo’s his middle name. Yep, wait till you hear it.

So here come the “Founders”…


And Power Up!