AV Power Up! – Episode 38: Playing Powerball, Talking Technology and Going to Amsterdam

AVPowerUp_750x400Welcome to the show and join the Crew Corey CB Moss, Johnny (Stuff n’ Things) Mota, Katye McGregor Bennett and Stacy Kringlen  as they welcome their guests:

Paul Zielie – Manager, Enterprise Solutions at Harman

phpZxvxHLAMJohn Greene – Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Advanced AV

Just think, the story of your life – 1.3 billion dollars can buy you anything you want, your wildest dreams come through. Some may want their own private jet, a trip around the world, even buy a manufacturer in the industry. John Greene? Well, being the biggest Adele fan in the AV industry he had it all planned out – a private concert in his living room, invited guests, tons of refreshments -but wait — what about the guest of honor? Listen in to find out.

e4151d5e-5bfc-46da-b076-799f366971edPaul Zielie, InfoComm’s Educator of the Year is going to ISE (Katye will be there too) and yes, he has his own booth. Wait a minute – the Paul Zielie booth? Turns out that Harman decided since Paul is so full of knowledge due to his award win he needed his own space at the show and any attendee will have the grand opportunity to speak one on one and even try to stump him with a question. Actually by saying one on one we mean you’re the one asking the question and he’s the one deciding if it’s worth answering. Good luck…

An excellent discussion takes place in this one toward the end with Corey’s recent rAVe blog AV –Is- Making the Comeback With IT (and IoT). Paul, John, Corey and the Crew bring insights to discuss IT, networked AV, security, policy, proper statements of work and more.

Katye brings a new segment #TechInMT talking about tech in her great state of Montana, Johnny is Connected, Stacy is the Customer Service Guruette and Corey is finally free to say his favorite word – blog (even though Christa still disapproves from afar).

So sit back, think about what you would have done with that one billion plus and…


Here is a link to the blog if you’d like to read it.