AV Power Up! – Episode 37: Welcome Back My Friends to the Tech Show That Never Ends

AVPowerUp_750x400Welcome to a brand new season of AV Power Up! Join the Crew Corey CB Moss, Hope BeerAndPie Roth,  Johnny (Stuff n’ Things) Mota and Katye McGregor Bennett as they welcome their guests:

Cory Schaeffer – Director, Systems Solutions at QSC

TJ Adams – Director of Installed Systems Product Management at QSC (how does that fit on the business card?)

Joey D’Angelo – Director of Systems Solutions at QSC

So – the third season of AV Power Up is upon us. We have decided that no one will host this show. Yes that’s right – Corey did it. Actually, he did a pretty good job and lasted the whole hour as no one threatened to boot him off, which means he’ll be doing it again next week – heaven help us. He talks AV/IT, BYOD, and other assorted acronyms on this one.

The team at QSC joined us for this one – yes that’s right Cory dropped by and the others just followed in right behind her. How much do we pay security? Some great tech discussion in this one as we talked audio (but of course), software and that acronym we all know and love, the aforementioned BYOD – however TJ gave a whole new dimension to that one. Listen in. Some great new hashtags were developed on this one, we think you’ll like them – all of them.

Speaking of TJ the man all about software-based DSP, yes we finally get to know what those two mystery letters stand for (in his name not DSP). There were guesses on the show (incorrect as they were) but when you hear what it is, you’ll wish you had that name. Actually you’ll wish your brother had it…

Cory is her usual wonderful all about the tech self and she has these guys talking tech stuff – since Johnny didn’t bring one (thanks Johnny). Joey in his first AVP appearance brings great insights as a former industry consultant working for Charles M. Salter Associates and yes, now QSC. All of this talent under one roof? Looks like if any more come aboard, might be time to build that new wing Joe. Don’t worry – Joey will do the AV design.

You also get Hope’s Power Up, Johnny’s usual great S&T contributions – and yes – in her grand Power Crew debut the lovely Ms. Katye McGregor Bennett (KMB Communications y’know).

So thank you for joining us on the Cory Schaeffer show (she’s sure done enough of them) and…


Note: Some adult language is contained within this podcast.