AV Power Up! – Episode 34: Star Wars, The Boss and the 444

AVPowerUp_750x400Join Host AV Christa Bender and the Crew Corey CB Moss, Hope BeerAndPie Roth, Vaddio Stacy Kringlen, Johnny (Stuff n’ Things) Mota and Hot Jobs Rich Prevete as they welcome their guest:

Sean Brown (@SonicSean) Sr. Vice President at Sonic Foundry


If by chance you haven’t seen it yet…

Yes, it’s finally here and yes – it’s here too. On this show we go all out with Star Wars and Christa in all of her light saber heels glory leads the way. Stacy, who the world will find out just how many of the Star Wars movies she has seen, Princess-ed out for us on this one. By the way, when watching the video did you happen to notice Finn? Who is he exactly? Let’s just say that Sean is a total Finn fan and if he ends up owning it all in the end, Sean Brown may have had a hand in assisting J.J. Abrams with this one.

Oh yes, we do get on to talking about some of the good things happening at Sonic Foundry, all of the big things going on in Sean’s world and you’ll also hear a great story about how the son of one of his people at the company who calls him the boss thought that he was THE Boss. We asked Sean to sing a few seconds of one of the big hits and he respectfully declined. Well, we believe it was respectfully. 

At one point in the show, Hope reveals what she believes to be one of the major plot twists from the next Episode 8 and if it actually does happen, we’re shutting down AV Power Up – forever (since we’ll be attacked by the whole Star Wars fan base anyway). We talk a bit about Christmas (‘tis the season ya know) and who you know that goes all Griswold. And we all get together to talk about starting a new company in which the employees do nothing but watch cable TV all day and night. We’ve called Tier PM to put that one up on the website – so if you’re a big time cable TV series watcher, start sending the resumes! We also have a little InfoComm show talk and different places it should go to. When we mention Boston, Hope gives us a bit of perspective about transportation in the city and “The Big Dig.”

Finally, talking about Tier PM, Rich gives us the 444 on the Hot Jobs and where to go to find those jobs. Yes, you read that correctly and wait till you hear this one.

So if you’re already on line to see the movie which is still a week away, take some time to listen to this one to pass the time. OK so it’ll just be an hour of your time, however also tell the person you paid in cash or iPad to hold your place in line to listen while they’re hanging out too – it’ll be the best advice you’ll have given all day (week, month…). 

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