AV Power Up! – Episode 33: If Your AV Programming Sucks – Don’t Blame Us

AVPowerUp_750x400Join Host AV Christa Bender and the Crew Corey CB Moss, Hope BeerAndPie Roth, Johnny (Stuff n’ Things) Mota and Hot Jobs Rich Prevete as they welcome their guests:

phpq1VMwlAMAlan Vezina (@fancysandwiches) CTO at Jydo

Ben Hackett (@benhnw) COO at Jydo

Justin Watts (@paladinmachina) – Program Manager at GooglephpMj3bRmAM

Yes, if you are one of the many programmers in the AV industry (or if one is a good friend) this is a must listen show for you! Alan Vezina – the man with a fancy sandwich in one hand and a Raspberry Pi in the other tells us all why – according to his blog – AV Programming Sucks. In fact at one point one of the Crew left the room leaving Corey and Christa in a helpless state of panic, giving Alan the opportune moment to hijack the show. If it wasn’t for Ben finally muzzling him (as he has to just about every day in the office) you’d be listening to The Jydo Python-C#-Javascript-Go Hour. And what about Jydo? Ben gets a chance to tell us about what’s happening with the company after he sends Alan to get him a panini and white wine. Man those guys in Seattle know how to live. 

Justin gives his take on the subject and also tells us about the wonderful, magical, mystical world of Google. While they don’t all have pots of gold next to their desks they do take naps in pods of course after eating free food all day. So in short – work for Google, never go hungry or sleep deprived. Sounds good, although for some reason nap pods became fighting words for Christa. Oh yes and he talks AV and law enforcement – you can only get this on AV Power Up!

Hope puts this one in a programming chokehold (she almost puts Alan in one too), Johnny’s all amped up by the biggest nerd rant in AVP history and Rich slams down the Hot Jobs. Nerds? Violence? Never figured this in a million years.

So if the AV industry wants to attract new high quality talent, it needs to treat programmers with respect, not neglect. If you want to treat a programmer with respect, Alan will thank you. If not, Hope and Johnny will fight you.

And after this if your AV programming still sucks, push play again (and again) until it doesn’t anymore.

Power Up!

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