AV Power Up! – Episode 29: Driving Certifications, Convergence and the Power Up

AVPowerUp_750x400As with any technology industry, certifications carry a great amount of identity and weight in terms of recognition. The audio visual industry specifically focuses on certifications that provide a benefit to all who work within it – the integrators, consultants and manufacturers. There are, and will always be, those who call into question how an industry sets out to attain certain goals, as well as the work that goes into it. However there are also those who stand up in front and help to deliver the proper messages about how an industry can continue to move forward and grow, along with the technology innovations and education upon which it thrives. On this show, we have two such people as our guests who bring us great discussion on certification and more – including the outstanding technology discussion we’ve been know to mix in with the humor.

As we continue to back the industry, its manufacturers, integrators and consultants, as well as the industry organization itself – we say again, “Be the Industry” and help it to grow forward.

Join Host AV Christa Bender and the Crew Corey CB Moss, Hope BeerAndPie (aka The Programmer) Roth, Vaddio Stacy KringlenJohnny Stuff n’ Things Mota and Hot Jobs Rich Prevete as they welcome their guests:

TJ Adams with QSC Systems

Leonard Suskin with Shen, Milsom and Wilke

Of course there’s great discussion with TJ and Leonard on the title topics as well as articles written by each: Leonard’s – In Defense of the CTS Program and TJ’s – It’s More Than the Network – The Truth about AV/IT Convergence.

Hope drives the Power Up with a great one about “Asking Questions” (and talks about green skies and blue grass too). She also tells us about that grilled cheese sandwich she had for lunch after Johnny our Grilled Cheese-Meister StuffsThings about certification (Christa tells us how she was deprived of grilled cheese and all fun food during her childhood). TJ gets into the whole grilled cheese conversation too (with soup!) – that along with setting out to further define AV/IT convergence.

Corey talks about his latest blog/pilot podcast The AV Edge: Social Selling and Marketing and Rich, yes, the one and only Hot Jobber gives us the latest in “designer” AV jobs.

We also mentioned the passing of certain individuals in the industry:

Mackey Barron of HB Communications

Grant Stewart of Stewart Filmscreen

Michael Parkhill of NewTek

As we continue to support the industry and all who contribute and work hard within it, we just have one thing to say…


Power Up!