AV Power Up! – Episode 27: Hey, Get With the Program!

PowerUP_logo0708OK, let’s get serious for a second. The audio visual industry has for some time faced the need for quality programmers. We know that there are very good ones that currently exist in the industry and while that’s all great, there is still room for improvement. The solutions themselves are still top notch and the certifications speak volumes, however bringing more top flight individuals to the industry in programming, as well as project management and more, has reached a somewhat critical point. We know there are people out there who can get this job done and we’re going to reveal in this show what we’re talking about – or at least what we Hope to get across…

Join Host Christa (@AVChrista) Bender and the Crew – Corey (@Cbmoss) Moss, Chuck (@madsoundguy) Espinoza, Hope (@BeerAndPie) Roth, Johnny (@JMOTA3) Mota, and Rich (@HotJobsRich) Prevete as they welcome:

Chris Tatton with HB Communications

Billy Silar with Visual Sound

Jeremy Caldera with ZDI Inc. (calling from a train somewhere in Chicago)

Hope Roth our resident Crestron Master Certified Programmer and Chief Nerding Officer (CNO) programs the sh*t out of this one (kind of like Matt Damon sciences the sh*t out of Mars) as she talks with our guests and The Crew about the world of AV programming. If you are a programmer in the industry, or even a student involved in computer science – this is a must-hear show for you, as Hope also reflects on her own career starting with her education in computer science and how it led to her entering the AV industry and becoming a quality programmer. Chris also contributes some terrific insights to this as well talking about his education and industry background, and Billy fills in with some great info as well. In fact, we also learned that Billy is our #1 fan? Wait – there’s another guy out there we know who has already laid claim to that. Fanfight!

Some great discussion stems from this as Chuck also gets involved (in the “almost-Power Up”) talking about finding those taking computer science in schools to come to the industry as programmers. Chuck also talks with Hope and our guests about training and “building the ideal AV programmer.” Are we actually talking through training or erector set?

We also talk with Jeremy about programmers as well as his former student that works for his company and her path to programming in the industry. Some of us are also looking for our rewards for being a long-time part of this industry – still waiting… Talking about reward though, we think that becoming an AV industry programmer can be highly rewarding for those who are interested, and there are those out there who have the expertise to convince the young people (or even career changers) that are looking for an excellent career.

As for the other Crew members, Johnny fills in with a Thing on well, programming, Corey (after a slight “muting” issue) brings The Bacon talking about a blog from one of his fellow rAVe buds Lee Distad. Rich goes all Hot Jobs on us at the end – was there a programming job in there? Not sure, we were on mute. Also please listen in at the end as we talk about Hope’s CHaD Hero Marathon fundraiser which takes place this Sunday. Still time to donate.

So if you feel like nerding away with beer in hand (or a good Pinot noir for those privileged nerds) – step away from the code and…


Power Up!