AV Power Up! – Episode 25: Rocked by Pirates and Canadians

PowerUP_logo0708So a concert took place in northern Virginia this past weekend and while it might not have been Van Halen, it may have been the next best thing (actually these days, your brother’s garage band may be the next best thing). Dressed like buccaneers, these guys rock the house with great music you can dance the night away to – here’s one of them:


Mike Loss, guitars and vocals for the Drunk Naked Pirates is one of our guests on this show and if you don’t already know, the creator of the AV Power Up theme song. He’s also an IT guy as well as, of course, the owner of the best guitars and longest hair on the podcast.

Jason Perry, lead vocals and guitar sings great songs from the 80’s and 90’s that you all know and if you’re not inspired by this guy’s rendition of Billie Jean to get up and boogie, well you’ve just got no pulse. He’s a professional lover of trees by day – and a Canadian! Claim to fame is his goatee, yet another story.

Also joining us on this special podcast is one of our best AV friends from the north Matt Scott who as usual brings the most well-known hair in the industry, as well as the knowledge base. And he found a fellow Canadian on this podcast! Not that he’d ever admit it otherwise (worst Canadian y’know).

We talk DNP, music, AV and other assorted things (non-Johnny). Oh yeah, Christa (@AVChrista) and Corey (@Cbmoss) steered this ship alone while Chuck the @madsoundguy and the Drunk Naked Pirates’ personal favorite sound guy – who was there in spirit(s) – and the rest of the Crew had the week off. They’re all of course back again next week.

So wear an eyepatch, give an arrggghh for a real good one and…


Power Up!

There is some language in this one – Pirates….

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