AV Power Up! – Episode 20: The Future of the Industry – We Salute You

PowerUP_logo0708In an industry of many different talents and ages, the constant search for the best people for the job be it sales, installer, PM and more – certain tech knowledge and skills as well as the will to learn and keep learning are what many look for in a candidate for the job. Oh, and don’t forget those marketing, press and PR people too. Now we talk about the young people in the industry, especially the millennials, and how they are either already making an impact or showing great promise in advancing to the next level. And when you think about it, we only exist as an industry on the foundations of technology advancements, education, proper management and team work. We talk about it all here on this show.  

On this episode, we have two people, one a CI 40 Under 40 and the other, one of SCN’s The Nine – and we can’t be prouder than to have them on with our own 40’s as well.  

Join Host Christa (@AVChrista) Bender (a 40) and the entire Crew – Corey (@Cbmoss) Moss, Chuck (@madsoundguy) Espinoza, Stacy (@Vaddio_Stacy) Kringlen, Hope (@BeerAndPie) Roth (a 40), Johnny (@JMOTA3) Mota, Rich (@RichardPrevete) Prevete and Jeremy (@jeremy_caldera) Caldera (a 40) as they welcome: 

Marika Aquino (@TierPM) of Tier PM (a 40) 

Victoria Barela (she’s getting her @ together as we speak) of ZDI Inc. (one of The Nine) 

We spend time talking with Marika and Victoria on perspectives of entering and working in the industry, as well as education gained along the way. Jeremy talks about his teaching experience at Columbia College in Chicago where Victoria was his student last semester and now she works at ZDI, the company that Jeremy works for. 

The subject of Millennials is controlled by Hope in a great discussion referencing a Time article: Millennials Now Largest Generation in the U.S. Workforce. Rich does his yet to be authorized segment “That’s a Lotta Wiahs” but don’t worry, whether it’s authorized or not he’ll keep doing it. Johnny Change-Games with IoT (argh) and the new Phillips Hue smart bulb wireless dimming kit, Stacy follows Christa’s dongle conversation (?) with customer service stories, Corey gives the scoop on his rAVe blog AI, Big Data and the Writing “Machine” (and mentions one of Hope’s too) and Chuck – what else – Powers Up with the “human experience.” And yes – Stacy’s daughter Natalie is back! 

Hot Jobs? We’ve got Marika to team up with Rich on those – doesn’t get much better than that. This also happens to be Jeremy’s last show (for now) as he goes back to teaching and guess what? The intervention apparently worked as Corey promised no more co-hosts, the spot is reserved for Jeremy as long as he wants it.  

And in honor of that young talent in the industry… 


Power Up! 

AI, Big Data and the Writing “Machine” (AI as in artificial intelligence) 

“Don’t Praise the Machine” (the Future of Integration) – Hope’s blog