AV Power Up! – Episode 19: Talking Shop, Shows… and Donuts (A Special)

PowerUP_logo0708Welcome to a special episode of AV Power Up as Power Crew members Host Christa (@AVChrista) Bender, Corey (@Cbmoss) Moss and Johnny (@JMOTA3) Mota welcome George Fournier (@GeorgeVFournier) of FSR Inc. 

On this show we talk about:

George’s background in AV as well as one of the best known and respected manufacturers in the industry, his young son Sean who visits dad at work and looks to be a future engineer (start scouting!) as well as perspectives and experiences entering the industry, social media in AV, the under 40’s (and some of us over 40’s), and a few shoutouts as well as PSA’s for very worthwhile organizations and causes. Make sure your gym membership is paid up before you attend one of the events.

We also talk about some of the shows and people on rAVe Radio including AV Power Up, the Crew and some of our “moments,” the new techXchange, and Johnny Mota’s AV Insider where he tells us about the show as well as some of those industry influencers around the world he has spoken with. And this episode is sponsored by a very well-known donut maker – listen in to find out what New Jersey has that the rest of us really want (especially the @madsoundguy).

So sit back and listen to some great discussion (and humor of course) in this special show, we hope you enjoy it. 


We’ll be bringing you a fully packed show next week for our “end of summer” episode. 

Running time about 1:10