AV Power Up! – Episode 18: To The Cloud (and Pythons Too)!

PowerUP_logo0708After all of this time and all of the talk, we here at AV Power Up finally decided to do a show about that thing this industry likes to talk about and Hope and Johnny like to shout about. Yes, it’s the cloud! And according to our (cloud collaboration platform provider) guest’s website:

The human connection defines us. Being present, visible and connected are the most profound aspects that make every person in the world achieve their highest level success.

We like it!

Join host Christa (@AVChrista) Bender (coming to us from overseas!) and the Crew: Corey (@Cbmoss) Moss, Chuck (@madsoundguy) Espinoza, Hope (@BeerAnd Pie) Roth, Johnny (@JMOTA3) Mota, Rich (@RichardPrevete) Prevete and Jeremy (@jeremy_caldera) Caldera as they welcome guests:

Daryl Hutchings (@Daryl_Hutchings) – CEO of Collaboration Squared

A software engineer who pops in unannounced talking Pythons and Facebook (and tries to out-nerd Hope)

If you aren’t already aware, Collaboration Squared won the big prize at InfoComm for Best in (Innovations) Showcase and Daryl talks to us about their well-known industry cloud collaboration application Ubiety. Yes, we do a show — and we go to the cloud! After talking with Daryl the other day, we’re all taking a road trip to NYC to visit with him and collect our reward for helping him win (not sure how but we did). No it’s not money – it’s much bigger.

We have some very good conversation with Daryl about the application, Skype for Business, the UC Roadmap in 2015 and more. Some guy apparently hacked his way into the podcast and then proceeds to tell us about his company, his food-based Twitter handle and a trip he’s making after the show, which we all agree makes him prince of the industry nerds (Hope is, of course, the queen).

Christa guides this thing half asleep and finally shuts it down leaving us host-less. Wait till you find out who takes over (no relax, it’s not Corey or Chuck). Jeremy tells us about Extron’s acquisition of Entwine AG to compete in the video capture space. We think it’s a good idea but we’ll wait to hear more from Extron (who is now the E under that new startup Alphabet). Chuck pumps us up with The Site Survey #2 and Johnny provides some quality audio product thing talk.

And yes, of course – Rich closes the door with Tier PM hot jobs and one we believe would have been perfect for the hitchhiking robot, before it met its bitter end at the hands of the same thugs who threw snowballs at Santa at that Eagles game. Get a bodyguard before you go on the interview (just sayin’).

Our big thanks to the Power Wrangler for hanging in with us in the wee hours of the morning as well as her husband Russ and that happy just-married couple that she tells us about as well.

Sooo you want to go to the cloud too? Only one way to do it — just have to listen to this show and then…

phpAnP3x4PMPower Up!

Run time about 1:15