AV Power Up! – Episode 77: Spending Quality Time with Some Amazing Women in Tech

AVPowerUp_750x400This week, two of the AV industry’s most well-known and respected women appear on AV Power Up with host Corey Moss and the Crew:

Cory Schaeffer, Director Systems Solutions at QSC, and Jan Sandri, President at FSR, Inc.

Both of them are representative of what every person, and not just women, should want to aspire to be in the AV industry (and tech in general) – not only in terms of roles in technology, but as role models as well. What they have meant for women in AV, along with other women who have shown great achievements, speaks volumes for the industry.

On this episode you have the chance to also hear Taylor Meyer, a Mechanical Engineering student at Iowa State University (who appeared with us once before) tell us all about her world of robotics.

Sandy Ciarlo also has a great part in this as she introduced a Recode article “How to Solve for the Lack of Women in Technology” which became an outstanding conversation for all of us.

Deron Pinchback gives us a replacement segment (as Justin took the night off) “Welcome to the Machine” where he talks about CERN. We’ll be hearing this segment again from Deron in the future.

We talked about #WhyImInTech in the second half – one you do have to hear as well.

Great talk, some good laughs, all AV Power Up.

So sit back, plug in and enjoy this one.


Power Up!