AV Power Up! – Episode 76: We Go Big with UC&C Tech and Charitable Efforts

AVPowerUp_750x400Join the Crew: Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Sandy Ciarlo and Megan Powers as they welcome their guests:

Amy Barzdukas – Vice President, Global Solutions Marketing at Polycom

John Greene, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Advanced AV

On this episode (Megan’s 2nd!) we have two great people on with us, one who is a VP that talks and tweets day, night and during major events, and the other is Amy Barzdukas. This was Amy’s first show as a guest with John (as others at Polycom have appeared on the show with him as well) and we believe she went to work the next day telling everyone about the experience. We mean the AV Power Up experience, not the John Greene experience (or maybe?).

We begin this one with Sandy Ciarlo’s new segment “Quick Hits” where she reports on several industry news stories – in fact one of these requires some pipes, and maybe earplugs. And we remained politically correct on this show — yes really. 

In the first half of the show John and the Crew talk with Amy about Polycom news and announcements from Microsoft Ignite involving Skype for Business (formerly known as Project Rigel) and Office 365 integrated solutions, along with other products on the market.

In the first ever “Guest Power Up” John Greene rants (red sweater?), and then raves (the internets) – let’s just say you’ve never heard a Power Up quite like this before. If you’re wondering, the job is still very much Justin’s.

In the second half, we all talk about the large (enormous) 4K interactive collaboration display battle between the Microsoft Surface Hub and InFocus Mondopad Ultra. What was the discussion outcome? Is this really a battle? Vote now!

Stay till the end as we close the show discussing some great charitable causes – Megan talks about a cancer walk she will be participating in during the weekend, John talks about certain efforts Advanced AV has been involved with, and Amy talks about the outstanding efforts Polycom has undertaken with Operation Smile. Here is the website.

So sit back, plug in, remain Polly Calm (Don’t Be a Vidiot!) and…


Power Up!