AV Power Up! – Episode 75: Get Ready for a Ride on the Brink of Convergence

AVPowerUp_750x400Join the Crew: Corey Moss, Justin Watts, Deron Pinchback, Sandy Ciarlo and Megan Powers as they welcome their guests:

Mike Shinn (@axpmike) – Vice President of Customer Relations at IMS Technology Services and co-host MHO show

Chris Neto (@chris_neto) – Audiovisual Consultant at AV Helpdesk, Inc. and co-host MHO show

Along with our guests, we welcome our new Crew member Megan Powers (we’ve got the Powers)!

Eddie Morgan, Head of Marketing and Communication at DisplayNote joins us as yet another guest from another country, this time to do “The Product Spot” and tell us all about DisplayNote Montage. A great collaboration product, and we believe that Ed thinks that he was up early for his upcoming morning meeting for a very good reason. 

Who hosts this show? That’s right – not him! You’ll see who takes over the show and just what happens to it at that point. Then comes the Power Up, a great but yet another misguided segment on the show. We think you’re getting it.

Chris Neto hijacks the second half of the show as we all get humble opinion-wise with a great theme. In fact, you can play along at home – make sure you send your humble suggestions to Chris on any of his social media outlets. We also have a little education on this one (imagine?) – and Star Wars. Just listen in and find out.

The tight production value we normally have on this show is nearly dragged to the ground by this group, so if it appears that this show rolls off the rails at high speed as it goes – you’re not imagining it. Think Chris Neto and Mike Shinn riding on an Amtrak train to Philly together (enough said).

On this show we believe we’ve also solved convergence. Or divergence. Or inversion. Forget it.

So sit back, plug in, buckle up and get ready to…


Power up!