AV Power Up! – Episode 74: Just Hanging with The Crew

AVPowerUp_750x400Join Crew members from AV Power Up past and present:

Corey Moss (@Cbmoss): Crew I (2015) co-host/producer, Crew II (2016) Host/producer

Christa Bender (@AVChrista): Crew I (2015) Host

Katye McGregor Bennett (@katyemcgregor): Crew II (2016) co-host

Justin Watts (@PaladinMachina): Crew II (2016) co-host

Deron Pinchback (@DPinchback23): Crew II (2016) co-host

Joey D’Angelo (@joeyaudeeo): Crew II (2016) co-host

On this one the Crew members talk about the show from the very beginning in March 2015 (as well as a show that brought AV Power Up to the AV Radio waves) discussing their own experiences, other Crew members who have done the show, some of those “moments,” and much more. Of course as with any show you get Justin Watts’ award winning Power Up (he just keeps collecting the awards).

Toward the end the Crew has some #NationalCoffeeDay talk and along with saying what or where they’d be drinking, they also tried to convince Joey why he should be a coffee drinker. Let’s just say caffeine intake wasn’t one of them though. And where Katye is concerned, after finding out what she drinks we’re still not sure how she ever sleeps (but at least we now know why she hardly ever takes breaths when she talks). And Christa the tea lover gets a pass (because she’s AV Christa y’know).

An excellent episode dedicated to all of the great Crew members who have done the show since its inception – thank you all for your great contributions and… 


Power Up!