AV Power Up! – Episode 71: Welcome to the Sound Bar


Join the Crew: Corey Moss, Justin Watts and Deron Pinchback as they welcome their guests:

Eric Larsen – Director of Marketing at TEAC/TASCAM

Keith Charley – Sr. Software Manager at Sony Interactive Entertainment

The Crew opens The Sound Bar (after business hours) to talk with their guests, first to find out all about Keith Charley, from the very beginning when he first picked up a guitar to the present day doing very important audio work with Sony Interactive Entertainment. You’ll also hear about the first video game he ever worked on that many of the gamers listening should know very well. Eric Larsen talks about his wonderful world at TEAC/TASCAM and as it turns out we all want to live in his world – actually both of their worlds. Trust us you’ll find out why.

After taking a break for the Hot Jobs and Justin’s Power Up, the Crew returns to The Sound Bar in the second half to talk with Keith and Eric about developments with their companies – Keith talks a bit about the new Playstation 4 Pro, and Eric talks about two brand new Tascam products, one that experienced as well as up and coming podcasters will love. They also can’t resist getting into that hot-button discussion surrounding the new iPhone 7.

Stick around for a great 15-minute bonus at the end where all who are on the show talk about some of their favorite classic rock bands and albums from the 70’s – Deron’s may surprise you and Eric’s really may surprise you – and you’ll also find out about CEDIA CEO Vin Bruno’s favorite band as we reveal that one too.

So sit back, plug in, grab a cold one and be prepared to…


Power Up!

Note: Some “adult language” is contained within this podcast.