AV Power Up! – Episode 69: Part 1 – Catch This!

AVPowerUp_750x400Join the Crew: Corey Moss, Justin Watts, Deron Pinchback, Joey D’Angelo and Sandy Ciarlo as they welcome their guests:

Alesia Hendley – AV Tech/Operator/Berry Center at Cypress Fairbanks ISD (in Houston, TX)

Sal Biondio – IT Executive Support Services at Prudential Financial (and former AV guy)

Jeremy Caldera – AV industry pro, whereabouts unknown for now

On this part 1 we begin with a new segment “The Product Spot” where we talk about a product that has gained visibility in the industry, especially through its usage at InfoComm – the Catchbox, known as the world’s first throwable microphone for audience engagement. Here is a blog on the manufacturer’s website about Jeremy (and Chuck Espinoza) using it at the show.

Catchbox Stories – Engaging AV Learning at InfoComm with Jeremy Caldera

We also find out more about Alesia Hendley, “The Smooth Factor” to those in the know (and if you don’t know, get to know) who is also involved with, and Sal Biondio who some may know and others, well, maybe not so much. Sal brings us the new and unique AV/IT/DJ and you’ll have to listen to find out more about this hot up and coming industry acronym.

Jeremy sticks around to further grace us with his CTS dual-certification presence and talk about all things Part 1. Of course you still get Justin’s Power Up for free, although we are considering a bitcoin charge in the near future.

You can read Alesia’s blog Interview with Producer – Engineer Te’ here.

Plug in and enjoy Part 1 – we’ll see you in Part 2. And always remember to…

Power On - texture

Power Up!

Note: Some “adult language” is contained within this podcast.