AV Power Up! – Episode 67: Talking Tech, Training and Freelancers – It’s an Education

AVPowerUp_750x400Host Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Justin Watts, Deron Pinchback, Joey D’Angelo  and Sandy Ciarlo as they welcome their guests:

TJ Adams (@AVTEEJ) – Director of Installed Systems Product Management at QSC

Malissa Dillman (@MalissaDillman) – AV Freelancer

Jeremy Caldera (@jeremy_caldera) – AV Freelancer

In an AV Power Up first we welcome not one, but two people who have the designated AV Freelancer title and if you don’t already know them both well, you will now. Malissa Dillman, an industry trainer and educator (an InfoComm Educator of the Year) and Jeremy Caldera an industry design engineer and educator (also an InfoComm Educator of the Year) join us on this one to talk about their experience, what’s going on currently and what they are looking to do going forward. TJ Adams also joins us to discuss technology at QSC as well as bring his industry technology wisdom to the masses. Let’s just say some of it involves that ongoing IT and AV discussion as well as a phrase that was coined at last year’s InfoComm show by him (and one of the Crew members).

After the Hot Jobs and a masterful Power Up performance by The Google Justin Watts, the second half focuses on training and education in the industry which both Malissa and Jeremy bring strong to the table, and TJ discusses it from the QSC side (with Joey) along with some industry perspective as well.

Make sure you stick around till the end when TJ shares some knowledge on what the future holds for QSC as well as the industry (it certainly blew a few Crew members’ minds) – and listen to an announcement on how a listener of the show can enter a contest to become a guest on an episode of AV Power Up in September.

Yes, that’s right sit back, plug in and get ready for an education…


Power Up!