AV Power Up! – Episode 66: Vision-aries (Part 2): The Case for Snapchat and Augmented Reality

AVPowerUp_750x400Join the Crew: Host Corey Moss, Justin Watts, Deron Pinchback and Joey D’Angelo as they welcome their guests:

Alison Maxson – Press and PR Specialist at Barco

John Greene – VP of Sales and Marketing at Advanced AV

In a continuation of the discussion from the previous episode, we invited Alison Maxson, one of the AV industry’s chief Snapchatters (and a new C-Level of the AV Power Up show) and John Greene who was a guest on that episode. While it’s always great to get together with fellow AV people, it’s a really good time discussing (and debating) the latest in social media platforms which is exactly what took place on this episode. Snapchat has been the new thing on the industry social media scene, so of course it’s a hot topic for us to discuss on this show. And did we ever. 

Last week rAVe [Publications] began a new initiative leveraging their Snapchat presence to further engage and interact with those in the AV industry and Alison had the honor of being the one to kick off “TakeOver Thursday” in which she showed rAVe’s followers what a day in the life is like at Barco. To hear the what, where and why Snapchat discussion, including how those in business should pay attention, you’ll get that on this episode.

Take a look at one of Alison’s Snapchats from the day:

We also focus directly on augmented reality in terms of the business/marketing case for the technology. Hear about Deron and Joey’s app ideas (who wants in?), and wait till you hear John’s reaction to this article that we also discuss (as well as his idea):

Zuck says augmented reality will flourish on phones before glasses

Alison and Corey have talked about getting together to do Snapchat sessions – more info on that to come. Make sure you follow rAVe Pubs on Snachat at ravepubs, and check out Gary Kayye’s “Tech Tuesday” as well as the “TakeOver Thursday” every week.

So sit back, plug in and – we’ll see you on Snapchat!


(Credit to Alison Maxson for her contribution to this show write-up as well as the Snapchat)