AV Power Up! – Episode 58: Meet the Crew of AV Power Up (A Video Show)

AVPowerUp_750x400Welcome to the show that gives you the full experience as you get to meet the Crew members:

Corey Moss – host/producer (Virginia)

Stacy Kringlen – co-host (Minnesota)

Johnny Mota – co-host (California)

Katye McGregor Bennett – co-host (Montana)

Victoria Barela – co-host/assistant producer (Illinois)

Deron Pinchback – co-host (Virginia)

Justin Watts – co-host (California)

Marika Acquino – Tier PM AV/IT Staffing (California)

Christa Bender – former host (Pennsylvania)

Christa joins Corey to host this special video podcast where you’ll find out more about each of the Crew members of the AV Power Up podcast – their industry experience, their thoughts about doing the show as well as favorite moments and guests. Corey fills in about each Crew member in terms of how they came to join the show as well as some of the background.

Corey also discusses the show and what it’s meant ever since its beginnings on rAVe [Publications] as well as the overall experience that it’s been for him.

Marika Acquino of Tier PM, who has been a special part of the AVP podcast with the Hot Jobs, also joins us to talk about herself, her company Tier PM as well as her AV Power Up experiences.

We also talk about doing two special podcasts at InfoComm on Wednesday (Friends of AVP) and Thursday (Exhibitor Executives) of the show.

So take some time to relax and have a good time watching this one as you get to Meet the Crew.

And of course…

Power Up!

Note: Some adult language is contained in this podcast.