AV Power Up! – Episode 57: A Show About The Show – #InfoComm16

AVPowerUp_750x400Join the Crew on this special InfoComm 2016 podcast: Corey Moss, Justin Watts, Victoria Barela and Christa Bender as they welcome their guests:

Jason McGraw – Sr. Vice President of Expositions at InfoComm International

Brad Grimes – Director of Communications at InfoComm International

Penny Sitler – Marketing Manager at Draper, Inc.

Here we are less than two weeks away from the greatest audio visual experience in the land – InfoComm! This year the big show lands in Las Vegas from June 4th through the 10th and we give you the lowdown here on much of what you need to know starting from the weekend all the way through the final hours on Friday (do we hear cash and prizes?).

After a few announcements are made, including some big goings-on for AV Power Up at the show, Jason starts us off telling us about all of the great stuff you can expect when you get there and it’s huge. And yes, do plan ahead before you get there. Brad picks up discussion talking about the education sessions taking place at the show as well as certain things going on including “fireside” chats taking place at the InfoComm booth with notable individuals in the industry. Brad also discusses the great InfoComm Councils and Penny Sitler, who joined us here to discuss the Women of InfoComm Network (WIN) Council which she is the Chair for, tells us about this growing organization and what will be taking place including the WIN Breakfast on Thursday of the show. It’s early so make sure you get some sleep (or not) and get there on time if you’re going – lots of great people will be there (and did we mention they feed you a great breakfast!).

After another winning Power Up delivered by the Googler Justin Watts (or as we refer to him now the AV Preacher) we pick up again with our second segment discussion on the three days of the show as we concentrate on some of the newer pavilions at the show. We talk about the technologies, business cases and learning about opportunities for the integrators in visiting these newer pavilions as well as the rest. We end talking about IoT and what you can expect with the first full appearance as a pavilion (as well as Super Tuesday) and more.

If you are going to the show give this one a listen since Christa will also be telling you about how to prep – yes the AVChrista way! And if you’re a first timer, we have some discussion for you to.

If you’re not going this year, listen in anyway to hear about what you may experience if you do go next year, or if you want to hear a great hour of podcasting about the industry’s premier event.

Oh yes, and…


Power Up!