AV Power Up! – Episode 50: Watch Us Talk Tech, Edu and AV (A Video Special)

AVPowerUp_750x400On this special 50th episode show we let the video do the talking as Crew members Corey Moss, Johnny Mota and Victoria Barela welcome guest George Fournier (tied for most guest appearances in 2015!) to talk about technology, education, what led everyone into the AV industry and even a favorite snack of all Crew members that have ever done this show (Chuck too) – yet George is the only one who has ever had the pleasure of eating them. Hmm.

We also talk about Victoria’s rAVe blog “Just Do It,” Generation Z! and Johnny brings some “kind of cool” tech that you have to see (and hear).

So put on those glasses, eyes and ears to the front and…

Power Up!