AV Phenom to Debut “Game Changer” at InfoComm 2013

game-changerPress Release:

June 3rd 2013

Lake Forest, California

Audio Video industry veteran Mark Coxon, admittedly jealous of all the press releases being released at this time of year, has decided to debut a revolutionary wireless communication device at InfoComm 2013 under his AV Phenom brand name.  “This device is a real ‘Game Changer’!” said Coxon (while making quotes signs with his fingers).

Coxon decided to debut his device this year, as he has seen more and more people opting for screen based visual communication (like texting, tweeting, etc.), as opposed to more intuitive auditory communications.

With all of the wireless audio devices on the market today, from NFC and Bluetooth headsets, to RF microphones, we asked Coxon what made his device a “Game Changer”.

“The wireless audio device I will be debuting on the InfoComm 2013 floor is unique in that it uses a diaphragm to create a vacuum, drawing in air, and then pushes that collected air across a collection of cords that vibrate to produce sound.  There is a lingual modulator inside the device to help change the sound frequency, as well as an upper and lower device at the port of exit that can change the size and shape of the opening to control the sound as well.”

An interesting feature is that when lubricated with a compound containing alcohol, the device actually can affect the honesty of the communication as well, a technology Coxon says he licensed from the software company Veritas’ “In Vino” division.  He also states that the device is a Green AV technology, as it has no power supply or battery.

“I can’t wait to ‘Change the Game’ with this new ‘Game Changing’ technology and be seen as a real ‘Game Changer’!” stated Coxon, before his fingers cramped up from making gratuitous quote motions.

The AV Phenom Wireless audio device is specified to have a range of around 300 feet, which Coxon says can be extended by cupping his hands in front of his mouth.


Hugh M. Orus – AV News Reporter

Seriously though, I hope to see all of you in person at Infocomm 2013 and have some valuable, face to face conversations facilitated by our God given ability to actually talk to one another!

See you next week!