AV LinkPro Adds Automated Attendant to Video Intercom Systems

av linkpro v sense

AV LinkPro just launched the V-Sense, a new touch-less intercom add-on, basically adding an automated attendant to video intercom systems. This contactless and hygienic solution combines facial recognition technology and a voice-activated system and works with door intercom products from DoorBird, Aiphone, 2N, Holovision, Siedle, Came BPT and others by providing the added feature of touchless human face call activation and intelligent voice attendant.

The new V-SENSE touchless intelligent automated system provides a solution in the “new normal” world through the unique application of adding an automated attendant to video intercom systems.

The new V-SENSE integrated solution will recognize a human face in front of a video door intercom and initiate the intercom call without any sensors or buttons to touch. From there, the Intelligent Voice Attendant (IVA) will speak in a custom greeting and then listen in two capable languages out of 120 available languages. The system will then direct the call to a specified extension or concierge.

V-SENSE is the second product offering in the AV LinkPro touchless Intercom product line. The initial solution is the rack mount integration bridge system designed to enhance smart home systems like those from Crestron, Kramer, URC and Extron. Both V-SENSE and the AV LinkPro solution are available for both residential and commercial applications here: http://avlinkpro.com/integration-solutions/touch-less-intercom-solutions/