AV over IP Solutions Provider MuxLab Partners with ON Controls to Enhance the User Experience

176deb95-345f-4bf0-8b57-47086b33c457Under this strategic partnership, all of MuxLab’s AV over IP products can be managed by the app-based ON Controls interface. With a scalable and customizable platform, ON Controls enables seamless control and integration of AV over IP systems from any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.
The relationship between MuxLab and ON Controls gives unparalleled access to AV equipment, making even complex matrix switching easy and simple. In some applications, users simply tap their sources to assign them to one or more displays.
“To give you an example of its simplicity in a matrix system, each source will be assigned a color and each display connected to that source will be assigned the same color automatically. This makes for a very easy and intuitive system to manage, which is attractive to end users,” explained MuxLab President Daniel Assaraf. “Restaurants and multi-classroom installations are only a small sample of the type of end users that use MuxLab’s solutions.”

One prime example is the installation at a number of Cage Aux Sport restaurants in Quebec, Canada. MuxLab provided the infrastructure to distribute sporting events to a large video wall for an engaging atmosphere. Cage Aux Sports uses ON Controls software on wireless tablets to manage the video wall.  It can easily be scaled up or down at any time. Matrix switching and video wall screen re-configuration, including creating sub-video walls, is managed remotely, making for a cost-effective, cutting-edge solution that anyone in the restaurant can handle.

“ON Controls can support a wide range of commercial projects, offering a high level of customization to the system,” added Marty Cooper of ON Controls. “We leverage the familiarity of mobile devices as the ultimate user interface for MuxLab’s AV over IP infrastructures.”

Cage Aux Sports implemented an on-going project involving many locations that allows them to instantly select, via a wireless tablet interface, any AV source and send it to any number of displays throughout the restaurant. The tablet provides color coded icons reflecting AV sources and distributed displays, including a giant video wall matrix. Cage Aux Sports can instantly and wirelessly direct AV content to any display or the video wall. The video wall can co-exist on the same IP network, plus it can be up- or down-scaled at any time. Matrix switching and screen re-configuration, including creating sub-walls from within one larger video wall, is managed remotely. With the added versatility of AV over IP technology, these systems can be implemented at a  lower cost than ever before.