AV Integrators: Why You Should NOT Sell LifeSize

lifesize 1

lifesize-1There’s no question or doubt that the VTC (videoconferencing) market has finally hit the big time. It took way longer than any of us expected (or hoped), but 2011 was a record year for VTC integration and 2012 promises to be 15-20% higher than last year’s numbers.

And, the number of options since it debuted in the 1990’s has quadrupled. Where once there were two major players, now there are nine. And, I’ve seen demos of two new systems that hope to debut in 2012 while services like Skype and even little-know Biscotti make a play for the business client.

But, there have been a handful of players who have consistently supported the ProAV channel and distribution strategies – we all know who they are. And, hopefully, you’re supporting them.

However, having received this so-called eBlast this morning from LifeSize, I felt the need to pass this on: I have attached the email I received today and it clearly indicates a play to sell direct – usurping the ProAV channel.

This is not good.

I hope this was simply an accident on the part of LifeSize and that someone in their marketing department was a bit over-zealous and made a mistake by blasting this out to all sorts of e-mail addresses. But, I fear it’s a move to shift from a dealer/distribution model to one that puts the product in the hands of the user without the proper support channels.

In the meantime, stop selling LifeSize…