AV Insider — Episode 70: Peachtree Audio 2.0

Avinsider70David Solomon, One of the founding fathers at Peachtree Audio, speaks with me about the next generation of Peachtree products, and the roadmap to where it’s headed. Peachtree has always, in my mind, been leading the way in computer audio products, and now they’re refining it’s core products in to something even more marvelous than its predecessors. 2.0 products are visually stunning, which again, refines the look and sound of their product offerings, and launches them into a new, North American made version of itself. 

We cover classic Peachtree concepts, in a newer high gloss, multi lacquered cabinetry, that houses much higher quality circuitry, with the digital era in mind; something they’ve always believed in. We cover DACS, AMPS, Pre & PROS, and all while keeping your budget in mind. You’ll notice instantly that something major is missing in 2.0 products, but we’ll explain why, and quote possibly it’s return for the audio purists. All these topics, and much more can be be heard in this episode of AV insider.