AV Insider — Episode 68: Emotiva Audio: Rethink Hi-End

avinsider-featuredDan Laufman, President of Emotiva Audio, speaks with me about Extremely affordable Hi-Fidelity audio product offerings, that can only be via Emotiva. Hi-End Audio and affordable, never go in the same sentence, unless you describing some HiFi gear that isn’t affordable. Emotiva has been making their product as an OEM, but also direct online before E-Commerce was even a thing. We cover why they did/do this, where you can purchase their products, try them for 30-days, and return them if you don’t love em (I do, and own a good amount of their gear), and so much more AV products that you’re going most likely get addicted to HiFi. All this and more on this episode of AV Insider.