AV Insider — Episode 65: Turn Any Surface Into A Remote with @Knocki

avinsider-featuredJake Boshernitzan, CEO and co-founder of Swan Solutions, Inc., speaks with Johnny Mota about the brilliant device that turns any surface into a remote — Knocki. Knocki is a startup out of Texas that is currently working on a commercial version for you #AVTweeps and #LiveInstallers. We’d tell you which systems they’re supporting, and which they’re talking to, but instead we’ll just force you to listen to the interview instead. Jake and Johnny cover uses for such a remote, all pressure sensitive triggers and IoT goodies that can be tied to it. Also, if you’re interested in a discount, they give you a code you can use at checkout for AV Insider/rAVe Radio listeners, that again, can only be found by listening to this show. All this and more on this episode of AV Insider.