AV Insider — Episode 120: Storm Audio: Supreme Immersive Sound

AV Insider —

Brad Paulson, national sales manager at StormAudio, speaks with me about what really makes StormAudio different in the high-end immersive audio category, and why StormAudio isn’t going away anytime in the foreseeable future. We also discuss modular based hardware, robust software with options for the most unique applications, an innovative leader with a proven track record that helped create current hardware, and what’s on the roadmap.

This isn’t Brad’s first appearance on AV Insider. He’s shared some Broadman Acoustic knowledge with us on episode 101 (Love At First Sound); he’s the national sales manger there too. Storm has also graced our airwaves back on episode 98 (The Ultimate In High-End Immersive Audio). If you’re unfamiliar with StormAudio, and/or haven’t already listened to episode EP98, you should definitely hear the Storm Audio story from Yves Trelohan, Senior VP of HELAP (Home Electronics Luxury Audio Products) at StormAudio; he shares a lot of key info there.

As always there’s a few “you heard it here first” moments, but you won’t hear about them unless you listen to this episode of AV Insider.