AV Insider — Episode 114: Mikme: Capture Creativity

AV Insider —Philipp Sonnleitner, CEO at Mikme, speaks with me about his wireless microphone & audio recorder, Mikme; which this entire podcast was recorded on. Mikme is not just another portable microphone, it’s what a portable microphone should be. Intricately crafted with high-quality materials, both inside and out, Mikme looks as great as it captures sound.

The Mikme Wireless Recording Microphone is equipped with a large gold-plated condenser capsule, which captures studio-grade sound. To ensure the highest possible digital audio quality, it features a 24 Bit audio resolution with a sampling frequency of up to 96 kHz.

In other words, Mikme sounds incredible.

Should your surroundings inspire your next hit, now you’ve got the tools to make it sound incredible. With the Mikme Recording App, you can lay down up to 4 tracks, edit, and share your creation with the world.

On top of the basics, Philips gives us the full run down on Mikme, its’s roadmap, who’s best suited to use Mikme, and what’s already thought about/worked on for future versions, and updates. All this and a few more “firsts”, on this episode of AV Insider.