AV Industry, You Can Give Back!

Has your company ever been interviewed by rAVe [Publications] during a trade show for a video, had a press release posted about your company’s news, or some other feature that’s helped you get exposure in our industry? Well, here’s your chance to give something back for an amazing cause!!
This blog post is of my own making — I find rAVe to be quite humble when it comes to seeking industry support of any kind.  As someone who’s benefited greatly because of rAVe’s support, I wanted to take the chance to encourage us all to consider how we can say Thank You for all rAVe does to help our companies and the AV industry get recognized and stay relevant through their publication.
Most people don’t know rAVe Founder, Gary Kayye and the rAVe staff are preparing for a HUGE event this weekend to raise money for the UNC Children’s Hospital by hosting a kid’s triathlon.  Co-founded by Kayye, the Swim for Smiles Foundation, gives kids the chance to help each other, have fun through multi-sport events, and raise critically needed funds for children facing serious health issues.  How awesome is that?!
You can watch a video about Swim for Smiles and it’s history here  Needless to say, this organization is an example of how when faced with a challenging life experience, you have the choice to either say “why me” or find the opportunity in it to make a difference by helping others who are in similar circumstances.
So, how can YOU help? Lots of ways!  If you’re in the Chapel Hill area this Sunday, May 6th, you can volunteer at the youth triathlon.  You can also find many ways to donate or sponsor Swim for Smiles future events here
Even spreading the word and offering congratulations I’m sure would be much appreciated!!  From this rAVe Blog Squad member, AMAZING job rAVe for all you are doing and best of luck to you this weekend!!