AV GUI available as OEM control app for Integrators

php4YBxLqAMAmsterdam, NL and Detmold, Germany –February 8, 2016 – (ISE Europe 2016 Stand 3-A100) Controlhaus, a leading technology services provider for systems integrators, has announced an OEM plan for AV GUI, an easy to use control and automation app.

With an AV GUI OEM Subscription, companies can have their own control app in the App Store. AV GUI is rebranded with the company’s logo and the desired name of the app. The company has complete control over all text, keywords and images that appear in the App Store. The company also receives special pricing on all of their systems.

AV GUI helps integrators get projects done faster without any special programming skills. Now integrators can also reinforce their brand every time their clients interact with their systems. AV GUI is updated regularly with new features, new product support and ongoing maintenance. These updates will also be available in all OEM versions of the app. The integrator decides when to update their own version.

“It is important that AV GUI is attractive to system integrators,” said Patrick Murray of Controlhaus. He continued, “Offering the app with custom branding and special pricing is a great start”.