AV Checkpoint Debuts, Designed to Be a Network of AV Industry Experts


A new company called AV Checkpoint debuted Monday. AV Checkpoint is designed to be a network of AV industry experts providing peer review and cost estimation for in-house AV teams, architects, engineers, construction professionals and AV designers.

AV Checkpoint’s third-party peer review service claims that anyone designing AV systems can have his or her work reviewed, including design and documentation review, in an attempt to reduce change orders and redesigns. According to the announcement, AV Checkpoint’s reviewers not only address design oversights but they also provide design recommendations that comply with industry standards, best practices and ADA requirements. A constructability review will assure clients that their documentation is bid and construction-ready and fully coordinated across other design disciplines. AV Checkpoint’s final documentation review addresses compliance with CAD drawing and specification formatting standards.

What may be most interesting about AV Checkpoint is that the company promotes the ability (or service) for use by academic or corporate in-house AV departments to use for peer review and cost estimating services “with the assurance of a third-party review of design documentation by AV Checkpoint’s network of industry experts.” This could be controversial as this seems to potentially interfere with the AV integrators’ relationship or even usurp it.

AV Checkpoint is here.