AV Buddy Application Now Re-Built for iPhone

av buddy application

AV Buddy, an AV application for iOS and Android that features pin-outs, calculators, tools and AV education, has just been re-built for iPhone. It now includes a new design, adds augmented reality, elevations, jobs, an AV glossary, frequency generator, interactive 3D connectors, a cable guide, and ADM/BDM calculators. New tools aiming to help AV sales, delivery teams, and help find new staff have also been included. Below is a video of some of the new features included in version 9 for the iPhone.

  • AR Display Tool: The Augmented reality display tool allows you to place displays in the real world. It’s built this to assist you with AV sales to help your clients visualize their next AV install.
  • Elevation Tool: An elevation tool has been built into AV Buddy to help you produce display elevations. The elevation can be converted to PDF and shared.
  • AV Buddy Jobs: The company has built a new job site named “AV Buddy Jobs.” This can be accessed from AV Buddy or the web.