AV and IP Production Meet in a New Joystick Controller by PTZOptics


ptzoptics superjoy

By Paul Richards

In the last year, we’ve all witnessed an incredible growth of video production projects. While larger corporate and entertainment productions were obviously shuttered because of social distancing protocols, individuals and smaller groups were enthusiastic to create video content. Similar to videoconferencing, video production has become an essential business function for organizations of all types to reach their audiences. With that increasing need, video producers are also seeking simplification for the AV systems they have been building that include products from multiple manufacturers. One way to achieve this is for creators to have the ability to control multiple PTZ cameras, lights and other IP-connected audiovisual devices inside of a single joystick controller.

PTZOptics just unveiled a new product that is engineered to simplify and enhance the efficiency of video production workflows. The PTZOptics SuperJoy is both a serial and IP-controlled joystick that will work for practically any scenario, while also designed for camera operators of nearly any skill level. Integrating some of the features our customers have requested most and with a range of use cases possible — including for education, house of worship streaming, sports and videoconferencing — we expect this device will be a welcome addition for a variety of users.

Multicamera Production and Custom Controls

The SuperJoy includes control for not only our HuddleCamHD and PTZOptics cameras, but also Sony, BirdDog and NewTek for select settings. With an IP interface that many production studios are adopting, the SuperJoy can control other IP-connected devices — including screens, tally lights, cameras, software and more. To maintain efficiencies, the SuperJoy can be programmed with up to 255 PTZ camera presets, including four camera control groups that can be utilized for changing scenes easily. An on-screen display and power over Ethernet support round out the SuperJoy’s added versatility. Further adding to the production value, the SuperJoy has an HDMI port that allows the live feed from an IP-connected camera to be viewed on any HDMI-capable display.

Here’s a short demo video:


We know that users of all skill levels are working on productions these days, so our engineers created basic, basic plus and matrix modes for users to control a range of camera operations that will allow teams to scale more effectively. With our house of worship customers in mind, the SuperJoy provides a unique value to both novice and more experienced users. Consider basic mode like the joystick’s “safe” mode, where most control functionality is disabled except for camera selection with presets or camera selection, presets and joystick control. Matrix mode provides simplified control for up to three cameras. Finally, the unit’s super-preset buttons can trigger synchronized commands for cameras and other devices, enabling fewer production steps for more complicated scenarios. This allows users to have a one-push start for simple tasks like livestreaming or recording while also making sure all PTZ cameras are set in the correct position. More advanced users can use the Super Presets to quickly change scenes on stage with multiple cameras and also adjust lighting with IP connected systems. The opportunities are expansive.

Tactile Design

With ergonomic, rubberized controls, our engineering department made some finishing touches on the SuperJoy to make it feel comfortable and intuitive for almost anyone. These new features include two larger knobs for fine-tuning zoom and focus and two smaller knobs for adjusting iris, shutter settings and red and blue gain. For productions that often require on-the-fly, minute adjustments, these features were perhaps the most requested by our customers. Finally, the SuperJoy has backlit buttons to indicate which camera modes are available, making it attractive for amateur users needing limited control.

PTZOptics SuperJoy 2

Importing saved configurations for this joystick is designed to be easy through SuperJoy’s web user interface or USB port, allowing users to quickly move the joystick to new locations — ideal for mobile productions. Overall, the SuperJoy is designed to address a wide range of applications, production sizes and skill sets. With its versatile presets and fine-tuning capabilities, this solution can bring even the most complex multicamera production under control. The SuperJoy includes a two-year limited warranty and is available now for order. For product specifications and more information, visit https://ptzoptics.com/superjoy/.