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AV Networking World 2014 Notes


Nearly 250 consultants, integrators, sound engineers and IT managers from all over the world came together in Las Vegas on June 17th, 2014 for the AV Networking World Conference to learn about Dante, the audio networking solution. “Attending AVNW from a broadcasting and live sound perspective, it was amazing to see the different ways companies […]

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Google Tries the TV Market – Again


By Aldo Cugnini DisplayCentral Google has announced that it is investing more in their two popular platforms — Android and Chrome — with the goal of making it easier to move content and functions between one’s phone, tablet, laptop, TV, car or bodyware. Two weeks ago, Google welcomed 6,000 developers to their 7th annual Google […]

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InfoComm 2014 Redux


Were you one of the more than 37,000 AV professionals attending InfoComm 2014? Whether you were part of the crowd, or sorry you missed it, this is your chance to catch up on everything from the sanguine to the silly. InfoComm International celebrated its 75th Anniversary at the show at the 75th Anniversary Awards dinner. […]

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Steady Growth Moves Commercial AV Industry Forward


A new study by Acclaro Growth Partners is projecting that audiovisual products and services will become a $116 billion global industry by 2016. The 2014 Global AV Market Definition and Strategy Study, conducted on behalf of InfoComm International, is the only worldwide study aimed at sizing the commercial audiovisual industry. The growth of conferencing, signal […]

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How Technology Is Taking Retail Back to the Future


By Bill Bishop Chief Architect, BrickMeetsClicks.com Stuart Armstrong was pushing the boundaries of using POS data at IRI to understand shopping behavior when I first met him. Today he’s pushing the boundaries of using digital screens to communicate with shoppers inside stores at ComQi.* In between, he developed multi-channel marketing strategies for the consumer goods […]

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InfoComm 2014 Keynote Address: Mike Walsh on the Future of AV


By Lauren Gonzalez, Olivia Hart and Morgan Manson rAVe Reporters Mike Walsh, author of bestseller FUTURETAINMENT and the CEO of Tomorrow, a global business consultancy, delivered the opening keynote at InfoComm 2014 on Tuesday, June 17 at 4 p.m. InfoComm International CEO David Labuskes introduced Walsh as a futurist whose ideas are cohesive with InfoComm’s […]

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InfoComm Issues Tips for CTS Holders


If you’re a CTS holder coming to InfoComm 2014, you are among the industry’s highest achievers. Here are just a few highlights that you might want to add to your schedule: Meet Chuck. Chuck Espinoza, CTS-D, CTS-I, is the chair of your Certification Committee. He has time set aside to be at the Certification Table, […]

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Learn More About Laser Projection at Display Summit This Month


Lamp-based projectors are being challenged by all-laser and laser-phosphor projectors. This transition to solid state sources will have a big impact on manufacturers and the uses of projection in a host of professional applications. At the upcoming Display Summit, June 16-17 just prior to InfoComm in Las Vegas, an entire day will be devoted to […]

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Custom Baggage Claim Content Garners Rave Traveler Reviews


Art of Context designed and developed innovative baggage claim information displays (BIDS) on behalf of the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport), owners and operators of Boston Logan International Airport. The large displays show relevant, real-time information to passengers, including baggage information and future bus times. BACKGROUND The BIDS’ content was designed and developed by Art of […]

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Recently from rAVe RADIO


Rants and rAVes — Episode 254: Rental and Staging Market Trend Predictions for 2014 and Beyond THE WEEK — Episode 71: Onsite at Comradity Rants and rAVes — Episode 253: Should Manufacturers Be Able to Talk Info Direct to End Users Without Upsetting Their Dealer Base? Rants and rAVes — Episode 252: Submit Your Product […]

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Recently from rAVe’s BlogSquad


Corey Moss: Disruptive Forces in AV/IT – Part 3: Zoom Anthony Coppedge: Tradeshow Season Ron DeVoe: Old Dogs at InfoComm Lee Distad: What Can AV Pros Learn From A Shoe Store? Mark Coxon: The DMZ for Direct Sales People Lee Distad: Extraordinary Results Require Extraordinary Efforts Gary Kayye: Royal Caribbean Debuts Virtual Balcony Scott Tiner: […]

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Wi-Fi On the Sea


If you do any marine business at all, you realize one modern problem of yacht owners is how to stay connected with the Internet. The tragic disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH-370 underlined for the public that there are still places on the high seas that are unreachable by what we think is our ubiquitous […]

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IMAX to Unveil Own Laser Projection


The quarterly financial report is out and IMAX has signed contracts for 36 theaters, including 23 across Europe, in the first quarter. It’s good financial news but not the 2014 news the industry is waiting for. Since IMAX bought the Kodak 3D patents, it has been busy with its own digital 3D two-projector/polarizing filter regime […]

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Selling to Schools (Part 1)


By Len Scrogan Display Central The challenge of selling to schools reminds me of a flowing description I penned in a soon-to-be published book: Imagine a river, deep and fast, charging downwards through a majestic canyon, slowing to a crawl as it ambles its way through a lush green valley. Although a winding river may […]

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Are Curved Displays Really Necessary?


By Aldo Cugnini Display Central Earlier this year, we saw the introduction of curved displays from a growing set of manufacturers — Sony, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Haier, Konka, to name a few — and are motivated to explore how useful (or desirable) such displays can be. The answer is somewhat complicated, involving as it usually […]

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Audience Entertainment Discusses Interactive Digital Cinema


By Matt Brennesholtz Display Central Audience Entertainment and Barco announced on March 18th a partnership creating a new interactive technology platform for moviegoers called iD — Interactive Dimension. iD builds upon digital projection and 3D technology to create a new cinema environment allowing moviegoers to physically connect and control the screen’s content the moment they […]

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