Scott Tiner

Scott Tiner

A trained educator, graduating from the Boston University School of Education, Scott is interested in the integration of technology and education. He works at Bates College managing the Client Services portions of Information Technology. Scott directs the Service Desk, which is responsible for the support of all classrooms and computers on campus. He also oversees the campus training programs and specifies and purchases computing equipment for the campus. He stays very active in the AV and IT fields, having presented at both regional, national and international conferences. Scott writes columns and blogs regularly for rAVe [Publications].In order to continue to develop and strengthen his leadership and management skills Scott has attended the Management Institute and the Leading Change Institute, sponsored by EduCause. He earned his MBA form the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics, at the University of New Hampshire. During his time in graduate school Scott developed an interest and expertise in leadership and team building.As an experienced speaker and writer, Scott is always looking for new experiences to share, learn and grow. Scott can be contacted via LinkedIn, on Twitter at or via email at

Haivision Encoders: Powerful Tech for Campuses


In my recent article “From Zero to Streaming in 10 Days,” I briefly mentioned that we use hardware encoders from Haivison. Haivision has a wide variety of products, from single hardware encoders to a massive “video furnace” that can provide video services for an entire campus. At Bates College we use only the hardware encoders. Specifically, we use the Barracuda (SD encoding) […]

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