Molly Stillman

Molly Stillman

Molly was the former Director of Marketing and New Business Development for rAVe [PUBS]. You can continue to keep up with her on Twitter @stillbeingmolly

I’m Going to Prison.


Fact: I’m Going to Prison As a volunteer, silly. Only crime I’ve committed is bringing loaded guns to work. And by loaded guns, I mean my jacked arms. BOOM! Since August of 2011, I’ve been volunteering at the North Carolina Correctional Institute for Women (NCCIW), a maximum security women’s prison in Raleigh, NC, and it is by […]

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Molly’s “Improper-email-usage-pet-peeve-stuff-things”


<RANT> All of the following pet-peeves have occurred today prompting this blog post. I love e-mail. I use it all the time. I check it often. It’s my main source of communication with the world. I just hate it when people use it improperly. Therefore, I’m going to share my “improper-email-usage-pet-peeve-stuff-things”<– that is my technical term. […]

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Who’s Making Fun of Whom?


There are a few things I am not ashamed to admit, despite the fact that a majority of society (and my friends) judge me for them. I drink more Diet Coke than should be legally allowed. For breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Before bed. When I’m sick. All time time. Sometimes I wish I could carry around […]

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Fuggedaboutit Friday: Dogs.


I love dogs. They are hilarious, often stupid, sweet, and always loyal. Also, dogs dressed up as people / characters crack me up. Today’s Fuggedaboutit Friday is dedicated to: hilarious dogs. Enjoy. Comment below with a picture of your dog or your favorite funny dog!   And, they’re not really funny in this picture, but I just […]

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Women In AV? WE CAN DO IT.


As I may or may not have stated many times previously, I’m new to the AV industry, as a professional. And, much to my (well, not surprise) it’s a rather male-dominated industry. SIDE NOTE: Why do I seem to be drawn to male-dominated industries? I play golf, worked in radio, now AV? Is there some sort of complex […]

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The Power of New


Why is it that something new always re-energizes us? Like, what is it about that NEW thing that we are so drawn to? It’s like we get bored or tired of our status quo. With that quick set-up, I’m going to attempt to make an analogy here. Bear with me. My example: I’m a runner… who hates running. True things. […]

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WWCT? – What would Columbus think? For those of you who are not at work today, congratulations – you get a Monday day off. For those of us who are at work today, I’m sure that you are truly devastated that you are unable to stay at home, on the couch, relaxing, in order to celebrate the day that […]

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Fuggedaboutit Friday


I am just gonna go ahead and throw it out there, one of my favorite things in the entire world is to laugh. And to make people laugh. It’s kinda my thing. And, I am totally guilty of thinking incredibly simple stupid things are hilarious. And, I’m not sure if this is technically in my job description, but I want to […]

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Changing the Game


I am fascinated by product and consumer marketing. I am fascinated by the creative ways that businesses, both small and large, are able to market to their customers – and, at the same time, search for ways to improve the overall customer experience. Professionally, I’m new to the AV industry. Personally (or as a consumer) […]

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The New Kid


I’m the new kid in town. Or should I say the new adult? How about I’m the new closer-to-thirty-than-I-am-to-twenty female human in town? Yes, that. That’s what I’ll say. It’s a daunting task to make your first post to a blog. Because it’s such a historical post. (Some would say that it’s “an historical” post. […]

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