Molly Stillman

Molly Stillman

Molly is the Director of Marketing and New Business Development for rAVe [Publications]. You can contact her at

How Do You Define Success?


Yeah, I played the lottery along with all the other bazillion people last week. I didn’t win the lottery. I did, however, win the POWERBALL – which means I won three dollhairs. ($3). Sure, I spent $5 on my tickets… but I got $3 back. AND I ended up buying a large Diet Coke and a breakfast biscuit […]

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The FIRST EVER @rAVePubs @Pinterest Contest


Are you trying to win a NEW iPAD? Do you love playing around on @Pinterest? Yes, it’s the FIRST EVER @rAVePubs @Pinterest Contest. The details for the contest are posted on the @rAVePubs @Pinterest Contest Board. Questions about the contest? Need an invite to @Pinterest? E-mail MOLLY –! Contest ENDS April 30th, 2012! GOOD LUCK!

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The Best Company Apology EVER

Companies screw up. People screw up. If a company is owned by a person, they’re gonna screw up… at some point. It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to screw up. It’s okay to totally blow it. It’s okay to make a decision and then realize, “OH CRAP, that was a horrible decision.” It’s called experience. It’s […]

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Respect the Noobs + My Experience with Disrespect


Look at how young I look in that picture. Oh, those were the days. haha —–> +++ This is a post that’s been brewing for a while. Weeks, months… perhaps even years. This is for anyone in any industry. Whether it’s AV, technology, media, social media, education, furniture, whathaveyou. Respect the Noobs in your industry, no matter how ignorant they […]

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I Dislike Comic Sans.

So, I was doing some graphic design today. Which, by the way, I really wish I were better than mediocre at doing. Seriously. I really enjoy graphic design, but I get really frustrated because I’m mediocre. I want to be really good. Great, even. If for nothing else than to cut my time spent in […]

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Why the Browns Should Pass on RG3


This post has absolutely nothing to do with the AV industry. I calm myself down by writing. Therefore, I’m going to write about this. <RANT> Do you know who that is? That’s RG3. Robert Griffin III. This year’s Heismann Trophy winner. He’s an extremely sought after prospect for the NFL this year. Now, I love RG3 as much as the […]

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Creepy Digital Signage in the SSA


So, there I was, at the Social Security Administration office yesterday getting my name legally changed. I’m in the quiet waiting room, a very old, quiet waiting room, sitting among the 30+ other people, and I look up. There, on the wall, among old stuff, is a nice, shiny, new, SHARP Aquos digital signage display with information […]

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Restoring My CTS Confidence & Becoming a MRS.


Today is Wednesday. Today is a great day. Why? First: Because I JUST COMPLETED MY “Essentials of AV Technology” InfoComm Academy Class! That’s right, AV ladies and gents. For those of you that know what that is, it’s the first step towards becoming CTS certified. WOOT WOOT! Now, I know this is something that happens all the time. Many people […]

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Happy Birthday, Michael!


It’s Michael’s birthday! Michael works in the rAVePubs office and I love having a desk right next to him. Not only is he SUPER smart, he’s REALLY hilarious. Seriously. The guy says some of the funniest things ever. So, this post is just to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICHAEL! We love you! And you’re not old. You’re 25 years […]

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We Produce a &$*%-Ton of Content


Not trying to pat our own backs or anything, but I just have to say, we produce a &$*%-ton of content here at rAVe. Seriously. A lot. You know about our news. Our newsletters. Our blogs. Duh. Digital Signage Glossary? Yeah, that too. But do you know about our Podcasts? We partnered with AV Nation to bring you a ton […]

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Roy Williams Tie Choice > Outcome of Duke vs. UNC Game


I am a Carolina Basketball fan. No, I did not go to Carolina. Despite this detail, I do sometimes refer to Carolina as “us” or “we” in sentences. As in: “We really need to work on our rebounding” or “I can’t believe UNLV beat us” or “Why did we EVER recruit Neil Fingleton?” However, despite the fact that my alma mater, quite literally, is the dyslexic […]

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