Molly Stillman

Molly Stillman

Molly was the former Director of Marketing and New Business Development for rAVe [PUBS]. You can continue to keep up with her on Twitter @stillbeingmolly

What AV Has Taught Me


I am taking the CTS exam in two weeks. I’ve been “in” the AV industry for eight months.  I’ve been to a tradeshow, taken the InfoComm training academy course, and read a TON of press releases. I’ve learned AV “facts.” But AV has taught me a lot of things that don’t include CAT-5 cables and Ohm’s Law. […]

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Pulling My Hair Out #CTS


I’m 15 and 1/2 days away from taking the CTS exam. Yeah, I’ve been studying. I’ve been reading through my handwritten notes, my class notes, my outlines, study guides, the awesome blog post Scott Largent wrote, etc. But I totally don’t feel prepared yet. I mean, I get the big picture, I get the big concepts, but when it […]

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Communication: IRL


Social Media. Digital Media. Digital Signage. Text Messaging. yadayadayadablahblahblah so on and so forth. Our entire lives, for the most part, are consumed with technology. So often these days we avoid face-to-face communication. We hide behind our phones, our computers, and our signs and we communicate with people through technology. This is not a new revelation. This […]

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Would You Donate Your Organs on Facebook?


Now, you probably aren’t adding a “Health & Wellness” life event to your Facebook timeline everyday, SO, you probably didn’t notice this change. Today, Facebook [and Mark Zuckerberg – aka “Zucky”] announced that they have added the option to become an Organ Donor. On Facebook. Zucky is calling it a “lifesaving” feature of Facebook timeline. Pun intended. Theres something like […]

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In The Cloud(s)?


This is me. I am not in the cloud(s): THIS is me. I am now in the cloud(s): I just wanted to be in with the cool kid(s). All photobooth jokes aside – everyone in the tech world is talking about the “cloud.” iCloud, Cloud Computer, yada yada yada. Now, Adobe has launched the Adobe Creative Cloud. Basically, all your Adobe CS […]

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Gimme Your Best Advice: TEST TAKING #CTS


I’m not looking for sympathy, pity, encouragement, or words of wisdom. I don’t want fluff. I don’t want sunshine and berries. People: I’m looking for real, concrete, valuable advice. I’m officially registered to take my CTS Exam. May 31st. Noon. Durham, NC.  Okay, remember when I finished the InfoComm academy? Well, it’s about time I test that knowledge. And I wanna do it before InfoComm in June. Now, […]

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Digital Signage Makes Me Hungry


So there we were. Husband and I on a date and hanging with some friends in downtown Chapel Hill. We ate dinner. We were walking back to our car. Minding our own business. And there they were. Digital Signs. In Krispy Kreme. Their flashy, yet totally crisp 1080p images rotating between soft serve ice cream and freshly, warmly glazed […]

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