Molly Stillman

Molly Stillman

Molly is the Director of Marketing and New Business Development for rAVe [Publications]. You can contact her at

Heading Home


We have Internet again! We haven’t had access to Internet or Wi-Fi or anything for the last two days, and now we are back in Nairobi heading to the airport to begin our long journey home. This trip has been defining for me, for my husband, for our marriage. I’m still working a whole lot […]

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Home Visits in Kenya


It’s been a busy, tiring, but incredibly rewarding week here in Kenya. We still have time left, but I’m trying not to think about how fast it’s all going. Yesterday was a great, but somewhat emotionally draining day. Home visits. Home visits are a time for our team to break into small groups and go […]

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They’ve Got AV In Kenya?


So, it’s Monday morning right now (Kenya is seven hours ahead of the rAVe HQ) and we are getting ready to head to the village. But I wanted to share something interesting from our day yesterday. We headed to the village in the morning, and after a brief run-in with the police, we went to church. The church […]

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Molly is Headed to Kenya!


So, I am leaving for Kenya tomorrow. That’s Thursday. So if you’re reading this Thursday, I am leaving for Kenya today. If you’re reading this Friday, I left yesterday. If you are reading this any day after Friday, I left on Thursday. Got it? Some of you may be wondering… WHAT?! You’re going where? Well, […]

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But ARE There Really No Stupid Questions?


I’m thankful to work in an industry that’s changing SO rapidly that education is always on-going, people are constantly engaging with each other, and in the end, people are just trying to learn more and more. Questions are encouraged. As I’ve gotten more comfortable with the industry and the difference between CAT-5 cables and CAT-6 […]

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Fuggedaboutit Friday: AV Mckayla is Not Impressed


There is a lot of technology out there in the AV industry that really impresses us. However, for some reason, Mckayla the gymnast still isn’t impressed. 4K projection? Mckayla is not impressed. Glasses free 3D? Mckayla is not impressed. This one is more of an inside joke for the rAVe staff: NEST? Mckayla is not impressed. If you want to see more things that don’t impress Mckayla, you […]

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The Attention Economy


I recently watch this video. It’s about the “Attention Economy” – it was a presentation given at Signal Summit Proctor and Gamble hosted this past March. The guy doing the presentation? Jonah Goodhart, the co-founder of MOAT… a small startup out of California. Aren’t all startups in California, though? Really?  Regardless. the information is awesome. Jonah is […]

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