Mark Coxon

Mark Coxon is an AV industry native and blogger for the rAVe BlogSquad. You can reach him directly at

This Is Why LinkedIn Doesn’t Suck


So fellow blogger Lee Distad just released a blog on LinkedIn and why, as he says, “it sucks”. In the spirit of offering praise first and criticism second, I can’t disagree with Lee’s premise that LinkedIn endorsements, in all of their glory, are virtually worthless.  Given that LinkedIn prompts users to endorse their friends for […]

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What is the Value of CTS Today?


There is an interesting discussion taking place on LinkedIn in the AV Industry Professionals Group.  Sam Malik of Premier Mounts asked a great open ended question,  “What is the Value of CTS Today?” As you can imagine, the responses vary, depending on what the respondent felt the word “certification” meant. Some feel that it merely […]

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Is Magic Still Alive


So this is a retread from my own blog, but I wanted to see if a wider audience drew some comments. . . I was reading an article on the Tucker Tuesday Blog about Magical Thinking and it inspired me to think a little about his question of whether an AV System that lives outside of […]

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Howard Hughes AVator Award for Courage at InfoComm13


InfoComm 13 is over, and after 3 days on the floor there, I started asking myself if I found what I was looking for.   I made a comment that I was looking for three Howard Hughes-esque traits in manufacturers or their employees.  Those traits were Courage, Passion, and Innovation. I only received a couple nominations […]

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AVPhenom Looking for Attorney at InfoComm13


AVPhenom has announced that he is considering a class action suit against the HDMI Consortium, citing an estimated $1.7 Million dollars in lost revenue in 2012 from the products revolving door standards. “It seems that HDMI allows manufacturers to draw 2-3 features out of a hat when deciding what to integrate into their cables”, said Phenom. […]

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No Pictures Please!


InfoComm 2013 is the perfect opportunity for manufacturers of AV gear to tout the genius of their new AV wares. It is the one show that most commercial AV Peeps attend, looking for the product that will catapult them head first into new verticals and increased profit margins. Naturally, given that, manufacturers write press releases […]

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8 Reasons that 4k is Just “Not Enough”!


So I’ve been reading a lot about the new 4k format for televisions and I’ve seen a few 4k displays, both out in the retail space and here in our shop.  I’ve read numerous 4k tweets, posts, and blogs, like this one by John Sciacca.  I’ve even watched an hour long video starring video guru Joe Kane discussing the subject.  So after all this 4k exposure, […]

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Meet New Blogger Mark Coxon


In a fit of self awareness, (followed by associated depression and fetal thumb-sucking ), I felt it might be necessary to introduce myself formally to rAVe readers. For anyone who may follow me or be familiar with some of my work in the industry, you may already know my take on a variety of AV issues. For […]

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Accepting Nominees for the 1st annual Hall and Oates “Promises, Promises” Marketing Awards


So I’ve been reading some AV “news” lately, and much of what I’m finding in this arena is not actually writing but regurgitation. Blame it on a slow news day if you must, but it seems many sites just repost manufacturer’s press releases ad hoc and call them“news.” Now if press releases only related newsworthy […]

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Switch Wars: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. . . .


If anyone has been following the Crestron/Extron/AMX Video Shootout of their HDMI switchers, let me start be saying. . . WAKE UP!  I’m sure the 5 minute demonstrations have lullled you into a slumber, so get some coffee. I will first take AMX out of the fray here, because their response video was awesome.  1 minute of “who cares”, with some quick red asterisks pointing out […]

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