Leonard Suskin

Leonard Suskin

Leonard C Suskin, the pixel-and-inkstained wretch, lives in the suburbs of the greatest city in the world with his wife, two children and cat. A veteran of the AV industry, he is a senior consultant for Syska-Hennessy and continues to pen fiction and poetry in his spare time. Opinions are his own, not reflecting his employer, colleagues, rAVe staff or three cats - though they'd likely agree. The cats, that is. You can find him on Twitter @Czhorat.

Acquisition Summer: Some Thoughts on the Latest Goings-on in the World of Commercial AV


Greetings, friends and followers! My apologies for the various obligations (professional and personal), side-projects, and secret adventures which have kept me away from these pages for the past week. After a weekend off the grid at an undisclosed location I’m refreshed and ready to dive into all of the news in AV-land on this, the […]

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Appreciating the Small Things: A Quick Glance at New Products from Revolabs and Listen Tech


Summer is coming, and with it, new product releases. I’ve been lucky enough to get a few sneak peeks at new products due for release this InfoComm. I’ve not seen anything quite earth shattering or revolutionary as of yet, but a string of reminders as to how small, thoughtful decisions can create significant improvements. There […]

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In Defense of a Less Neutral Network


The FCC made waves last week with an announcement that it’s dropping its long-standing position on “net-neutrality” — the idea that all Internet traffic should be treated equally by Internet service providers. This is something with direct impact on an increasingly network-centric AV industry, and one about which several of my fellow AV bloggers have […]

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A Visit With Savant


Discussion of some project details recently brought me to the Savant Systems showroom in lower Manhattan. In addition to the matter at hand, I was treated to a showroom tour as well as a discussion on their offerings, the overall Savant ecosystem, and where they hope to be in the future. The demo space is […]

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On Language, Juggling, Lunchtime in the Park, AV, and Networks


Quite a few years ago I earned the CTS (Certified Technical Specialist) certification from InfoComm. Last year I began studying to take the ICND1 (Interconnected Network Devices) in pursuit of my first-ever Cisco certification. Last week I started learning to throw a juggling pattern called a 4,4,1. What do these three seemingly disparate items have […]

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Consumerization in Pro AV


The proliferation of consumer technology in professional AV has been a hot topic as of late both in the office and amongst my fellow AV bloggers. Over the past week we got commentary from Mike Brandes, Josh Srago, Mike Brandes again. It’s also been a recurring topic on LinkedIn and Google+ AV professional groups. There […]

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A Visit With Primeview (And Others!)


Today marked the official grand opening of Primeview’s New York showroom. Primeview, for those not familiar with them, are a manufacturer of commercial flat panel displays, focusing on video-walls, digital signage and interactive applications. For their demo space they partnered with several of the manufacturers with whom they work on projects: Haivision, Vista Systems, TVOne, […]

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Hardware is Dead! Long Live Hardware! In Defense of the Appliance, and a Look Ahead at Software Solutions


Last week Ryan Pinke joined a new tradition in proclaiming the video conference Codec dead. In my own look ahead I posited a potential future free of boxes, in which software solutions largely replace dedicated appliances. Is Pinke right on this one? Have we reached, or are we nearing the end of hardware? I don’t […]

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HDBaseT Interoperability Follies


Today I’d like to share a moment to discuss everyone’s  favorite transport mechanism, HDBaseT. For those not in the know, the HDBaseT alliance have defined HDBaseT as a technology for transport of video, audio, power, Ethernet and control over standard category cable. As a point-to-point (as opposed to routable) signals, HDBaseT cannot be routed with […]

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