Lee Distad

Lee Distad

Lee Distad is a rAVe columnist and freelance writer covering topics from CE to global business and finance in both print and online. Reach him at lee@ravepubs.com

Some Things Aren’t Complicated


How often do we over-complicate things? In my case, despite my best intentions, sometimes I do. A lot. Occam’s Razor says, as you all know, that “among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected.” The truth of that was borne out for me (again!) last weekend. The charging port on my […]

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AV Pro Best Practices: You Can Never Be Too Neat Nor Too Precise


We all know that consistency and accuracy are crucial standards for AV pros. When hanging a video display on the wall, or cutting out holes for speakers, and especially when hacking holes in your client’s house during retrofit installs, “eh, close enough” doesn’t really cut it. Accuracy is always a virtue: “Measure twice, cut once,” […]

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Make/Buy Repair/Replace/Argh!


For those of us who aren’t independently wealthy it often takes time to assemble an impressive home AV system. A piece here, a piece there, another piece over here. As an aficionado, especially one with a budget, a lot of time gets spent contemplating your options before selecting just the right component. It takes years. […]

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The Challenge of Brand Protection


Manufacturers and distributors aren’t just responsible for growing their brands’ business and market share — they’re also responsible for maintaining their brands’ image and position in the marketplace, as well as supporting the best interests of their dealers. Products deserve to be sold for what they’re worth, and dealers who support the brand deserve to […]

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4D Theater: Just Stop, Already


  The history of cinema is littered with technological missteps best left forgotten. I continue to think that 3D belongs on the trash heap of history, but that’s not what I’m here to rail against today. In January we spent a week in California, visiting Disneyland, Sea World and the San Diego. Overall, it was […]

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Praise For Multi Tools


When it comes to tools, I often quote Pablo Picasso, who said “everything is either easy or impossible. As I interpret it, oftentimes the difference between the easy and the impossible is whether or not you have the right tool. Don’t believe me? Try running wire between drywall and insulation without fiberglass rods. My love […]

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We All Need A Little Patience


I’ve blogged before about how the key to effective communication is listening, understanding, and expressing yourself in a way that is best for your counterpart. However, communicating effectively with people in the manner that works best for them isn’t always easy. It becomes challenging when your counterpart has their own issues inhibiting their ability to […]

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Demos and Prototypes


  So, I had a thing happen to me this past week. I guess you could even say, “I had an Internet of Thing happen to me.” I received a prototype sample from a vendor, in order to test it, and show it to a few key resellers in order to further its development. You’ll […]

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Christmas Surprises!


When I worked in retail I sold lots of AV gear that was surprise Christmas presents. That’s why I stopped writing thank you cards in mid-October, and did them all in a big rush in January. When I moved into the AV design and installation, the number of surprise presents people bought were fewer, but […]

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Holiday Preparations


    Christmas is just around the corner! Time for a holiday Public Service Announcement. I believe in the importance writing Thank You cards to clients, as well as sending them Holiday greetings as well. It can be somewhat arduous and time consuming, especially if your handwriting is as poor as mine, but it’s an […]

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